Monday, August 31, 2015

Felt Car Play Mats

I feel like I've been on a pink streak for a while making girly play mats, so I wanted to add some more boy mats to the shop!  I cut out all the pieces for these a few weeks ago, and finally got around to finishing them this weekend.

These mats are made entirely of felt on the inside and fold up for easy portability.  Each mat has a pop-up car wash and three pockets behind little shops to store toy cars!  I used stiff blue felt to make the pop-up car wash and you'll see in the pictures below that it folds down flat when you're ready to close up the mat.

All of the felt pieces on these mats were hand sewn and took quite a bit of time to finish.  I think I will experiment with machine stitching the roads and shops next time, but overall I'm happy with how these turned out!  The red mat has already been snatched up, but the yellow mat will be listed for sale in my Etsy shop here!


  1. I love the carwash. Would you mind sharing with me how you made the car wash pop up?

  2. How did you make that awesome car wash - just love it!


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