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It all started with a felt Christmas advent calendar.  I decided to hand sew one last year to start a new holiday tradition for my family.  I had never sewn with felt before and quickly discovered how easy it was to work with!  Felt is cheap, can be purchased in small quantities and comes in so many different colors.  Once I completed the advent calendar, I scoured Pinterest for more felt craft ideas and discovered the world of quiet books, felt food and more.  After hand sewing my first quiet book, it was clear that I had found an addictive new hobby.

I work full time during the day, but I spend most of my evenings watching TLC and sewing felt toys for my toddler.  I love coming up with new ideas and new activities to entertain him! Coming up with new project ideas gives me a creative outlet, and hand sewing is very relaxing to me.  My crafts don't always succeed in holding his attention, but I love making them and sharing my ideas with other moms too.  If you'd like to see a particular craft, please leave a suggestion for me in the comments!

When I'm not sewing or completely sucked in to a TV show, I spend my free time listening to audio books, practicing awkward headstands yoga in our living room, and playing around in Photoshop.


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