Friday, October 23, 2015

Rainbow Soft Books

Rainbow Soft Books - Today I Felt Crafty

I could not be more in love with these books!  I originally made one for my nephew at the beginning of the year (see it here), and a few weeks ago I received an order to make three of these for triplet girls! How sweet!  I love how bright and colorful these books are and it was such a treat to get back to hand sewing for a little while.

The books are all hand sewn (except for the seams) and are stuffed to give them a soft, plush feel.
The white clouds have stuffing and ribbon loops as an added fun texture.  The storm clouds have crinkle paper sewn behind them and the strips of rain drops are sewn onto satin ribbon.  The suns are my favorite part and they each lift up to reveal a small circular mirror behind them.  Enjoy more pretty pictures below!

Rainbow Soft Books - Today I Felt Crafty

Rainbow Soft Books - Today I Felt Crafty

Rainbow Soft Books - Today I Felt Crafty

Rainbow Soft Books - Today I Felt Crafty

Rainbow Soft Books - Today I Felt Crafty

Rainbow Soft Books - Today I Felt Crafty

Rainbow Soft Books - Today I Felt Crafty

Rainbow Soft Books - Today I Felt Crafty

Rainbow Soft Books - Today I Felt Crafty

Monday, October 19, 2015

Halloween Trick or Treat Tote Bag

This weekend I finally finished the trick or treat tote bag I'd cut out a few weeks ago!  This is probably my last Halloween craft for the year, since I'm just about finished with the fabric bundle I bought in September.  You can view the Halloween quiet book and placemats I made with this fabric bundle here and here.

For this bag, I followed the same steps from my Fabric Tote Easter Basket Tutorial, but added an appliqué felt pumpkin onto the front of the gray fabric before I sewed everything together.  This is such a quick sewing project and I'm glad I was finally able to use up most of my Halloween fabric! Now it's time to start planning my Christmas sewing projects ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Rainbow Quiet Book

To say that I'm excited about this project would be a huge understatement.  I put a lot of thought and energy into designing a new quiet book, and I knew I wanted to it to be bright, fun and educational.  I wrote down ideas for seven different pages and figured out what skills and activities I wanted to incorporate. All of the activities are sewn onto colorful sheets of felt, and I paired each felt sheet with matching colorful fabric on the back!  This was my first time using all wool felt and all machine sewing and I'm so happy with the results!  Wool felt makes such a big difference!

This book makes a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift and provides hours of entertainment!  You can remove pages for individual play or to swap them out with new pages. The activities are perfect for quiet play time at home, or take a few pages on the go with you to keep your little ones busy in waiting rooms, restaurants, church, car rides and plane rides!

The red page has 26 circles that velcro to the page to help practice the alphabet!
The orange page is a clock with hands that you can move.

The yellow page has three skills to practice: buckling, buttoning and zippering.

The green page has six shapes that can be grouped with their matching buttons.
The blue page helps with learning to lace and tie shoes!

 The turquoise page has squares that make up three generations of a family tree. The squares velcro onto the page to help learn about your family.  Each square is a pocket made of felt and clear vinyl so you can insert your own family pictures into them!  The last generation line can fit up to four children.

The purple page is an I Spy page with four colorful animals mixed in with beads.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Little Man Busy Mats

These are two mats that I made and photographed this summer, but forgot to post!  These are the companions to my Little Princess Busy Mats and the vintage wagon mat is still available for sale in my Etsy shop!

There are four activities to keep busy little boys entertained.  The felt shapes velcro onto their matching shapes or can be stored in the pocket .  The I Spy window is made with clear vinyl and there are 5 vehicles hidden in the beads.  The three zippers are great for little fingers (Rhys loves them!) and the buckle is great for practicing fine motor skills!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Reversible Halloween Placemats

This is my second Halloween craft project using the fabric I bought a few weeks ago (see my mini Halloween quiet book here!) and now I'm wishing I'd bought more!  I have just enough left to make a little trick-or-treat bag for Rhys and a few scrap pieces that I need to do something with.  I'm very happy with how these placemats turned out, but we'll just be using them for decoration until Rhys is a little older ;)  

This was a very simple project, and I decided to appliqué our names in felt to give them a little extra something.  After I appliquéd the felt letters onto one side of each placemat, I sandwiched two pieces of fabric with a piece of quilt batting and stitched around all sides, leaving a small opening for turning.  I turned the placemats right side out and topstitched twice around all four sides to make them a little more decorative.  I hope you enjoy!

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