Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mini Halloween Quiet Book

I'm so excited for fall to be here and I absolutely love this time of year!  Along with the cooler weather and pumpkin-everything, I get excited for all the impending holidays!  I knew I wanted to get a head start on crafting for the fall, so I ordered four cuts of Halloween fabric a few weeks ago. This little book is the first thing I made with it, and I'm hoping to also make some placemats and a trick-or-treat bag for Rhys!

When I say that this book is 'mini', I really mean mini!  I only had one small strip of dark green felt to work with, so I used it to make a one page quiet book.  This book is 6x8 inches when closed and 6x16 inches long when open.  It has two Halloween-themed activities inside, and I decided to add a buckle on the outside for a third little piece that he could play with.

For the outside of the book, I used this Halloween fabric from Riley Blake and I sewed a strip of satin green ribbon across the center to make the buckle enclosure.  I also added a layer of quilt batting between the fabric and the felt to give the book a little weight.

There are two little activities on the inside of the book.  On the left is a Halloween shape/figure sorting game and on the right is a blank pumpkin face to decorate.  I sewed a nose on the pumpkin so that small piece wouldn't get lost, and the rest of the face pieces are stored inside the pumpkin like a pocket.

The five little figures on the left all have velcro on the back, and there are matching silhouettes sewn down to the book that also have velcro.

I love the way this turned out and I can't wait to finish some more crafts for Halloween!  I'll share them here when they're done!


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