Friday, March 27, 2015

Fabric Tote Easter Basket

I bought Easter fabric on sale a few months ago with plans to make an Easter-themed quiet mat.  I took on a few other projects and when I finally came back to this fabric, I wanted to step away from quiet activities and challenge myself to make something different.  This ended up being such an easy project that it wasn't exactly a challenge, but it was a learning experience!  I may or may not have sewn the lining on inside-out my first try...

Once I fixed the lining, this came together so quickly!  With the exception of the lining fiasco, this project only took 30 minutes total; from ironing and cutting the fabric to completion! I may actually make another one and take pictures of the steps next time, because it's a lot easier than my tutorial below makes it sound :)

The body of the bag is constructed from two long rectangles of fabric and one layer of iron on interfacing.   I didn't measure the fabric I used, but to give you an idea the green chevron fabric was cut from one fat quarter, and I have a little extra left over!  I started by ironing the interfacing onto the back of the blue fabric.  I folded that rectangle over with the right sides of the blue fabric facing together, to make a square.  I sewed around three edges leaving the top open.  Once the fabric was sewn into a square, I flattened the bottom of the bag and sewed a straight line two inches above both bottom corners making a triangle.  I cut the excess triangles of fabric off to square off the bottom of the bag and allow it to stand up on it's own.  I sewed the green fabric for the lining separately using the exact same steps, but didn't add any interfacing.

For the strap, I cut one long strip out of both fabrics and sewed them together right sides facing.  I left one end open and turned the strap right side out.  Once I had the body of the bag and the lining sewn, I assembled all three pieces to sew them together.  Keeping the body of the bag inside out, I placed the strap down into the bag and lined the ends up to the seams on either side of the bag.  Next, I placed my lining (right side out) into the body of the bag and lined up the unfinished seams.  I made sure the bag, lining and strap were all lined up at the seam opening, pinned them together and sewed around the opening of the bag with a 1/4 seam allowance.  When sewing over the handles, I backstitched to keep them extra secure.  I kept a 3 inch opening and turned the bag right side out through that hole.  When you turn the bag right side out, the lining will fall correctly into the bag and the ends of the strap will be secured and hidden in the seam of the bag!  I top stitched (very quickly and sloppily) around the top of the bag to close the 3 inch opening and finish off the seam.

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