Saturday, April 11, 2015

Goodnight Moon Quiet Mat

For this quiet mat, I wanted to recreate the green room from Goodnight Moon.  Rhys is still learning colors so I thought this would make a perfect I Spy activity, since there are so many details to pick from.  There are 7 colorful objects hidden around the room for him to find.  The scene wouldn't look complete without including the cow painting and the striped curtains, so I printed those images onto printable fabric and lightly ironed them to the felt.

The background is made of one long rectangle of green felt, and two pieces of red felt on the bottom to make the floor.  I did a poor job of gluing the red felt down near the edges where the two pieces meet, but I don't think Rhys will mind ;)  All of the objects in the room were sewn down using a whip stitch.  The cover is made from a piece of cotton fabric and fusible interfacing (pellon 808) for structure.  It closes like a book and is secured by a strap with velcro.  See the pictures below for all of the hidden objects in the room!

White Moon

Black Yarn*
*I ran out of black floss so it turned into a gray ball of yarn instead

Brown Bear

Blue Clock

Orange Socks

Purple Mittens

Red Balloon


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