Thursday, February 19, 2015

Felt Donuts Play Food

This was my first attempt at making play food out of felt, and I think they turned out so cute!  If you are comfortable sewing a blanket stitch or if you have a sewing machine, this is a quick and easy project to make.  I hand sewed all four of these donuts, but you could easily sew them with a machine too.


Prep and Cutting
To start, find any CD you have laying around the house and trace the outside of the CD onto a piece of paper.  Next, draw a small circle at the center of the shape you just traced (slightly bigger than the hole at the center of a CD), then cut your shape out to use as a template.  Trace the outside of the CD again onto another piece of paper, draw a circle in the center then draw a frosting shape around the center.  Cut this piece out around the frosting shape to use as a template.  Use your donut template to trace two shapes onto the same color of felt for every donut you want to make.  Use your frosting template to trace one shape onto each color of frosting you want to use.  You will also need stuffing to fill your donuts with, and embroidery floss to sew them together.

Assembly and Frosting
For each donut, you will need two donut shapes cut from the same color of felt, and one frosting shape.  Place the frosting piece on top of one donut shape, and stitch around the outer perimeter of the frosting.  Next, stack the three pieces of felt together and blanket stitch through all three layers around the center hole of your donut.  Make sure you are grabbing all three layers with your stitches, otherwise your stuffing will come out when you fill it later.  Once the center hole is completely stitched, start adding the sprinkles.  I just used long stitched of embroidery floss to make all of the sprinkles, so grab a few different colors and make random stitches around the frosting.  You will need to hold the bottom piece of the donut out of the way to make sure you are only stitching through the top layer of the donut and the frosting.

Closing and Stuffing
Once you are done decorating your donut, start blanket stitching around the outer edge of the donut, going through both layers of the donut.  You can wait until the end to stuff the donut, or do it as you go.  Just remember to leave an opening at the end to stuff it before you sew the donut closed.  Make sure the stuffing is even, then finish off stitching around the outside of the donut. 

For the jelly filled donut, I used the same template but didn't cut the hole out of the center.  I stitched the frosting on top first, then blanket stitched around the edge of the donut shape.  I left an opening about an inch and a half wide and cut a half circle shape out of the donut.  I filled the donut with stuffing then prepared the inner piece.  I took a piece of light cream felt and stitched a small piece of pink onto it for the jelly, then cut the whole shape into a long oval to fit into the half circle opening.  Finally, I blanket stitched the oval filling shape to the opening of the donut around all sides.


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