Friday, February 27, 2015

Felt Sandwich Play Food

I started this project a few weeks ago and just couldn't get motivated to finish it until now.  I kept starting up other projects and coming back to this to finish one piece at a time.  A sandwich seems like a simple concept, but some of these ingredients (I'm looking at you lettuce and tomato) gave me a hard time.  In the end, I was glad to finish this and I think it turned out pretty cute for my first attempt!

I made the bread slices first and they turned out a little thicker than I planned, so I would definitely make them thinner next time.  I cut four bread shapes out of cream colored felt, and cut two long strips out of beige felt for the crust.  My felt sheets weren't long enough to go all the way around the bread, so I had to sew two strips together to make each crust.

I blanket stitched one edge of the crust to one side of bread, then placed the other slice of bread against the other edge of crust and blanket stitched that side too.  Before closing up the last side, I stuffed the bread just enough to give it shape, then finished stitching the hole closed.

I ended up making just a few sandwich ingredients for now, and I might add more once Rhys is older. The slice of turkey is made from two layers of cream felt with a layer of brown felt in the middle that is a little wider than the cream color to give the turkey a roasted edge.  The cheese is just two identical pieces of yellow felt blanket stitched around all four sides and all of the holes.  

I made the onion out of two pieces of white felt and two pieces of purple felt.  On each piece of white felt, I used a running stitch in purple thread to make four concentric circles for the rings.  I stitched each piece of white felt to a purple circle, then blanket stitched both purple circles together, white sides facing out.  The tomato is also made from four pieces of red felt, and I embroidered four yellow seeds onto two of the circles.  For the remaining two circles, I cut out a rounded plus sign and sandwiched each of those pieces on the outside of the seeded circles and stitched around the plus sign shape.  To finish, I placed both joined pieces together and blanket stitched around the outside.

The cucumber slices were each made from two pieces of white felt and a strip of green felt for the outer edge.  I sewed them together just like I sewed the bread slices, but embroidered three seeds onto each side before sewing them together.  I also put a small amount of stuffing in them before closing them up.  I had two previous attempts at making a piece of lettuce and they both turned out looking like leaves.  I finally decided to just use one piece of green felt and sew knots at the back to bunch the fabric on the front.  Some of the knots are visible on the back, but I doubt Rhys will care :)


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