Sunday, July 26, 2015

Melted Crayon Canvas Art

I've seen this idea floating around Pinterest for years, and I finally tried it out this weekend.  I wanted to make something artsy to decorate a little side room that is currently serving as Rhys's art room. I thought this idea would be a perfect fit, plus I was able to repurpose 3 canvases from his old nursery that have been sitting in his closet since our move!

Long story short: I love the end result, but this project does take some patience.  It takes a few minutes for the wax to heat up before it starts melting, but it's oh so satisfying when it finally does!

2 boxes of 64 crayons
3 white canvases (12x12 inches)
Glue gun
Drop cloth or newspaper
Cardboard to help support the canvases

To start, I emptied my two packs of crayons and sorted them by color.  I left out most of the tan/brown crayons and the rest fit perfectly across the three canvases.

After I sorted the colors, I arranged them evenly across the top of the three canvases and started gluing them down.  I took off two crayons at a time and just made a small strip of glue to hold down each crayon. I tried my best to line up the wrappers to keep them all uniform.

Next, I took one canvas at a time and propped it against a piece of cardboard in the garage.  I put a drop cloth down to catch any wax that might spray, but I didn't have any problem with that.  I used the lowest setting on my hairdryer and focused on heating up 4-6 crayons at a time.  The high setting probably would have moved this along quicker, but it would've given a more splattered look instead of the cleaner lines I was trying to get.

I let the wax drip a few inches before moving on to the next group of crayons.  I kept the end of the hairdryer pointed at the tips of the crayons, so most of the lines dripped straight down.  Sometimes I used the hairdryer to help a streak of wax melt a little more, or to gently tap a crayon if the wax wasn't dripping.  Overall, it was a very easy project, but melting the wax takes some patience if you want it to drip in clean lines.

Here's the end result!! I love the way they turned out, but would have liked longer streaks if i'd had the patience to keep going :)

Also, shout out to my husband for finding this beautiful light by our office window and suggesting I shoot in here!

I could have taken pictures of these all day!  The colors look so beautiful!


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